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Lawsuit says couple sold recalled diet pills on eBay

(AP) A pharmaceutical company has filed a federal lawsuit against a former company executive, claiming he and his wife improperly took 1,766 recalled bottles of the supplement Anatabloc from a storage facility and sold them on eBay for personal gain.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals filed a civil lawsuit last week, saying all of the Anatabloc bottles recalled from GNC stores nationwide went missing from a facility where they were stockpiled. The lawsuit says former Rock Creek employee Howard Jones and his wife, Stacey Jones, sold more than 700 of the missing bottles on eBay.

The suit seeks $176,582.34 in punitive and actual damages.

The newspaper reports that it could not reach the defendants for comment. No documents have been filed in their defense.

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals was formerly known as Star Scientific. Its Anatabloc was at the center of the corruption charges against former Gov. Bob McDonnell.

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