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Plaintiff fractured neck and back in chain-reaction crash – $250,000 Settlement

On March 28, 2013, the 59-year-old plaintiff was traveling north on Pennsylvania Avenue in Prince George’s County, Maryland, when the defendant failed to stop his vehicle and rear-ended another vehicle. That vehicle then rear-ended the plaintiff, causing the plaintiff’s vehicle to overturn and roll. The plaintiff sought medical attention for a C1 fracture, thoracic spine fracture of T7 and T8, cervical disc sprain, cervical facet joint sprain, ligament laxity and myofascial pain. The plaintiff attempted to relive her pain through various forms of medication, physical therapy and cervical facet block injections. The plaintiff suffered a total of $71,658.95 in medical and wage loss damages.



Type of action: Personal injury – auto accident
Injuries alleged: C1 fracture and T7/8 fracture
Name of case: Hoxie v. Pugh
Date resolved: Aug. 6, 2015
Special damages: $71,658.95
Verdict or settlement: Settlement
Amount: $250,000
Attorney for plaintiff: Brian Drummond, Fairfax
Plaintiff’s experts: Robert Wagner, M.D.
Insurance carriers: Nationwide and Progressive

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