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VSB seeks comments on diversity funding

With a green light from the state attorney general’s office, the Virginia State Bar is testing the waters for a proposal to use bar dues to fund activities of the bar’s Diversity Conference.

The Diversity Conference is one of four high-level VSB panels that focus on particular aspects of the legal profession. It is the only one that currently receives no money from the VSB’s budget.

The VSB is inviting comments in advance of a February meeting of the Bar Council where it will consider funding the Diversity Conference.

The question to be addressed is “Should the Virginia State Bar Diversity Conference be eligible for funding from state bar funds in the same manner as the Conference of Local Bar Associations, the Senior Lawyers Conference, and the Young Lawyers Conference?”

Comments should be directed to the Executive Director of the Virginia State Bar at publiccomment@vsb.org. The deadline is Jan. 1.

Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring issued a formal opinion Oct. 2 that the mission of the conference creates no constitutional barrier to it being funded by revenue from mandatory dues.

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