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Headline of the Day

Journalist Jim Romenesko, whose jimromenesko.com was the go-to site for journalism news, trade gossip and industry insight, may have retired, but he still tweets and posts every now and then. Romenesko long has been a source for prime Headline of the Day items for this space, and he has a great one from the Oklahoma Daily:

“Officer spotted hauling ass home”

The drop-hed explains: “Norman Police brings lost donkey to safety.” And if you didn’t get the point, there is a picture of, yes, a donkey in the back seat of a squad car.

That was the print edition. In the OU Daily website, the student journalists used a headline that was no less accurate but less interesting: “Norman PD officer puts escaped donkey into squad car”

A hat tip should go to the guy from AP who posted in Romenesko’s comments that this is a story “from our news burro.”

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