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Former Justice Roush to work as mediator

(AP) After losing her spot on the Supreme Court of Virginia in a partisan squabble, former Justice Jane Marum Roush is working as a mediator.

The Richmond-based McCammon Group announced Monday that Roush is joining the firm, which employs retired judges and others as mediators and arbitrators.

Roush was a judge on the Fairfax County Circuit Court until last year, when Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe appointed her to a vacancy on the state Supreme Court. Republicans objected, though, saying they hadn’t been consulted.

After a protracted battle, the GOP-controlled legislature eventually elected Court of Appeals Judge Stephen McCullough to fill the slot, leaving Roush without a job.

Roush first drew public notice as the judge presiding over the trial of Lee Boyd Malvo, the teenager in the 2002 D.C. sniper shootings.

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