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Correction: Police-Fewer Tickets story

(AP) In a story July 7 about traffic tickets, The Associated Press erroneously reported the nature of a written warning system. While the system was inspired by what some residents consider aggressive enforcement, the Chesterfield County Police Department has not pledged to write fewer tickets.

A corrected version of the story is below:

Police agencies add written warning as traffic stop option

RICHMOND (AP) Some Virginia police agencies have started issuing written warnings.

Dana Schrad of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police tells WWBT that residents now are “irritated by what they consider aggressive enforcement.” This has inspired some agencies, like the Chesterfield County Police, to go to a written warning system.

Schrad says that with written warnings, officers can document that they stopped someone for a violation, but can send people on their way without them having to go to court.

Tickets will still be issued for certain cases, including DUI and reckless driving.


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