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Wilder blasts Morrissey over lawsuit

(AP) Former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder is accusing former Del. Joseph D. Morrissey of filing a bogus lawsuit against him to gain publicity.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Wilder has filed a motion to dismiss Morrissey’s lawsuit and has asked for a hearing to be scheduled.

Morrissey is seeking $1.45 million in damages from Wilder and his National Slavery Museum, saying they didn’t pay $130,000 in legal fees.

Morrissey had not asked for the suit papers to be served on Wilder, but Wilder filed responsive pleadings anyway.

The suit stems from Morrissey’s representation of Wilder and the museum in a tax dispute with Fredericksburg. It also follows a complaint Wilder filed with the Virginia State Bar, alleging that Morrissey didn’t represent them competently or diligently.

Morrissey says that claim was false and alleges it was retaliation for his notification that he’d sue if the fees weren’t paid.

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