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Presenting ‘Largest Law Firms’ for 2017

valw-llf17Virginia Lawyers Weekly presents its annual survey of “Virginia’s Largest Law Firms.” The survey appears in a magazine inserted in the April 24 edition.


The survey has been compiled every year since 1989 and gives readers a glimpse of the commonwealth’s largest firms.

The rankings are based on the number of Virginia-licensed attorneys working in an office located in Virginia. This includes attorneys at firms which have multiple offices across the state. Offices in D.C. or beyond Virginia do not go toward a firm’s final count.

Firms could submit their information using an online form on the Virginia Lawyers Weekly website. They had the option to submit a free basic listing which included the total number of Virginia attorneys and any offices, or they could pay a fee and submit an enhanced listing which featured items like important firm contacts, lifestyle benefits and community involvement.

We also compiled information through independent research.

Announcements regarding the window being open to submit listings were sent out multiple times throughout the first quarter of 2017.

The qualifying number for 2017 is 14 lawyers.

McGuireWoods, which remains Virginia’s largest law firm, dropped from 312 attorneys a year ago to 311.

Williams Mullen added nine attorneys, upping their total from 161 attorneys last year to 172.

Troutman Sanders also grew, going from 161 lawyers to 172, and Hirschler Fleischer went from 78 to 83 lawyers.

This year’s edition saw no new firms break into the Top 10. In fact, the top eight firms from last year stayed the same this year. The only change was Woods Rogers leap-frogging Willcox & Savage for ninth place.

One big change that occurred in the last year included the merger of a major Lynchburg firm, Edmunds & Williams, with Woods Rogers. That brought their total number of attorneys up from 63 to 75.

Williams Mullen has the largest number of partners with 131. Meanwhile, McGuire Woods boasts the largest number of associates at 103.

We appreciate the participation of the many firms that provided their data in a timely fashion. If we do not have a firm listing that should make the list, please contact us immediately, and we will include it in the online version of the survey.

 — Jordan Bondurant