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Headline of the week

This is not a political item. It is a hat tip to HuffPost (formerly known as The Huffington Post, kind of like Tribune Publishing, which produced Tribune Online Content, now calls itself tronc…kind of like the sound an elephant makes when annoyed).

HuffPost is working to keep its hip cred quotient at a high level, and the snarkometer can hit an 11 at times. The site teases news stories on social media with “splashes,” or little boxes, one of which wins the award for headline of the week.

President Trump has hit a wall in the federal courts with his travel ban of visitors from certain Muslim countries.

District court judges have enjoined the ban, and the 4th U.S. Court of Appeals, hearing a case from Maryland, was the first federal appellate court to uphold an injunction. Last week, the 9th Circuit similarly rejected the administration’s appeal.

That result prompted this splash hedder from HuffPost:

Trump Slips on Ban Appeal