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Imagine driving all the way from Sumter, South Carolina, to Washington state.

Google Maps says that trip is more than 2,800 miles one way.

Imagine driving all the way back with a substantial amount of the Evergreen State’s finest dope in the trunk.

Thanks to a change in state laws, one can buy marijuana legally in Washington. It was one of the first states to decriminalize pot. Colorado, of course, was another. (That led to all kinds of stoner jokes when Seattle met Denver for the “Super Bowl.”).

While the purchase of grass in Washington is legal, you would need to smoke or make brownies or whatever with anything you bought there, because it’s breaking a law to take marijuana outside the state, whether you go to neighboring Idaho or cross-country to South Carolina.

The Hendrix family (no relation to Jimi), lives in Dalzell, South Carolina, and they are in a world of hurt, according to The Associated Press.

The Sumter County sheriff arrested Robert Hendrix, 59, and Marianne Hendrix, 61, on July 5. Their son Michael, 30, turned himself in the next day.

Acting on a tip that the Hendrixes had brought home a big cache of marijuana as a souvenir of their trip, authorities said they found 63 pounds of weed in two duffel bags and two suitcases after a search of the Hendrix home and car. Street value of the stuff is estimated at $180,000.

The cops charged all three family members with trafficking marijuana, no doubt bringing their long strange trip west and back to a crashing, bummed-out halt.

Paul Fletcher