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The moon don’t shine on Facebook

The story on page one tells one tale involving Facebook, about how public officials can’t block followers and com­menters they don’t like.

From down in the Carolinas comes a different kind of Facebook story. It doesn’t have an ending yet, but it’s doubtful it will be too happy.

Call it the American Dream.

A young South Carolina couple – a couple of entrepreneurs, if you will — set up a business, selling products that people (some people, anyway) like a lot.

Like many 20-somethings, they like Facebook. In fact, they appar­ently use it for their business, to ar­range sales and deliveries.

Easier than maintaining a web­site…all the business can be done with a cellphone.

Too bad the product is allegedly moonshine.

And too bad the couple allegedly crossed the state border on their way to Clarkton, North Carolina, to make a delivery of eight quarts of moonshine of various flavors.

Dillen Wright, 20, and Kay­tee Nielson, 26, both from Aynor, South Carolina, were arrested and charged with possession of non-taxed alcohol and transporting li­quor over state lines, among other offenses, according to WECT, the TV station in Wilmington, North Caro­lina.

They posted $15,000 bond each and will be back in NC another day to face the piper.

Put this one in the bulging “What were they thinking” file.

The alcohol control authorities in both NC and SC were watch­ing their activities on Facebook, so it wasn’t too hard for undercover agents to approach and set up a meeting with the alleged sellers.

Give the last word to Sheriff James A. McVicker of Bladen County, North Carolina.

“It never ceases to amaze me how people use social media sites like Facebook to carry on their criminal activity,” he said. “This time it was a big mistake on their part.”

– Paul Fletcher