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Maryland man accused of stealing, selling medical supplies

FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) — Police in Virginia say a Maryland man is accused of stealing medical kits from hospitals and selling them online.

Fairfax County police said in an April 25 news release that 52-year-old Burke Slater had access to operating rooms as an employee of a medical supply vendor.

A medical supplier in Florida found medical kits on eBay and ran the serial numbers, WJLA-TV reported. The medical supplier was told the items were stolen and brought the case to the attention of police.

An investigation found seven medical kits valued around $33,000 each were stolen from at least two hospitals. Police said the medical kits made their way to Florida, Washington state, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Slater was charged with money laundering and other offenses. It was unclear if he had a lawyer.

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