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Habeeb resigning from House

(AP) A Virginia lawyer-legislator is resigning, potentially putting the GOP’s slim House advantage at risk.

Del. Greg Habeeb notified party leadership July 27 he will step down Aug. 31. The 42-year-old legislator sent an email to supporters and colleagues in the General Assembly. He wrote that he believes in the idea of a “citizen legislature” where people “take their turn at bat” and then step aside. He said the time was right for him to focus on his family and his career at the Roanoke law firm Gentry Locke.

Habeeb hinted at a new project.

“I’m very excited to talk about the next steps in Gentry Locke’s growth soon,” he said in an interview.

A special election will give Democrats a chance to gain a seat, but it will be a tough one for them to win. Republicans hold a 51-49 House advantage. A 50-50 split would require a power-sharing agreement.

Habeeb pointed to strong numbers for President Trump and other Republican candidates in his district.

“I would be surprised if the seat is hotly contested,” he said.

Habeeb’s district includes all of Salem, all of Craig County and large portions of Roanoke and Montgomery counties.

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