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4th Circuit Haikus: Employment Law Update

Having trouble keeping up with the 4th Circuit’s binding precedent? The Op Shop is here to help, with the court’s published opinions paraphrased to the size of a haiku poem. This edition covers recent rulings in the area of labor & employment law.


Standardized systems

Don’t guarantee equal pay.

Convince a jury.

– EEOC v. Maryland Ins. Admin., Jan. 5, 2018


Agreement or no,

Lodging as wages must meet

Fair labor standards.

– Balbed v. Eden Park Guest House LLC, Jan. 25, 2018


How presumptions work:

Unless employer DISproves,

Coal dust caused black lung.

– W.V. Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis Fund v. DOL Office of Workers’ Comp. Programs, Jan. 26, 2018


Officers fired for

“Disrespectful” texts deserved

Name-clearing hearings.

Cannon v. Village of Bald Head Island, N.C., May 30, 2018


A supervisor’s

Gross comments were well outside

The scope of his job.

Garnett v. Remedi Seniorcare of Va. LLC, June 11, 2018


You’d avoid a boss

Who scrutinized restroom trips

And how your jeans fit.

Strothers v. City of Laurel, Md., July 6, 2018


A prosecutor

Who read racial slurs aloud

Was doing his job.

Savage v. Maryland, July 13, 2018


Each wrongly-fired cop

Was a distinct “claim” as to

Insurance limits.

Hunter v. Town of Mocksville, July 26, 2018