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Defense attorney hopes to review video evidence

PORTSMOUTH (AP) A Virginia defense attorney is struggling to view video footage he hopes will clear his client because he hasn’t been able to open the file stored on a thumb drive.

Attorney Kurt Gilchrist was granted $1,000 in court Sept. 6 to hire a “technology firm” in northern Virginia to open the files, The Virginian-Pilot reported. Gilchrist said he’s already been to one computer repair shop that said it couldn’t help him. He’s not saying where he got the video.

Gilchrist is the court-appointed defense attorney for Latisha Warren, who is charged with first-degree murder for the August death of her boyfriend, 40-year-old Darnell Phillips.

Prosecutors say she fatally stabbed Phillips during an argument. The government’s case is largely based on eyewitness testimony.

Warren plans to argue it was self-defense.

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