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Lawyer surrenders license amid VSB, bankruptcy court troubles

A Vienna lawyer gave up his law license last month in the face of Virginia State Bar charges and after his disbarment by the Eastern District Bankruptcy Court.

Patrick R. Blasz agreed to revocation of his law license Sept. 27 acknowledging he stonewalled inquiries by the VSB about the status of his trust account.

Blasz faced earlier issues with his bankruptcy practice. His practice was terminated July 25 by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Brian F. Kenney after he failed to appear at a show cause hearing on June 10.

Blasz ran afoul of Eastern District bankruptcy court judges on four prior occasions, according to Kenney’s May 30 order.

“The Court finds that Mr. Blasz has an extensive record of disciplinary proceedings with this Court and suspensions,” Kenney said, according to a transcript of a July 10 hearing.

“This court takes no joy in this matter. It’s a very unfortunate case. But the Court sees absolutely no alternative to the termination of Mr. Blasz’s privileges to practice before this Court,” Kenney said, according to a transcript of the July hearing.

Blasz’ consent to revocation for his trust account difficulties ended his bar prosecution for the bankruptcy court sanctions, according to Bar Counsel Edward L. Davis.

“He consented to revocation in one matter, which obviated the need for the hearing in the other matter,” Davis said. Davis pointed to bar rules that give the bar counsel discretion to dismiss without prejudice other pending matters when a respondent’s law license is revoked by consent.

Blasz was listed as counsel for debtors in 50 cases in online court records.