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Presenting ‘Largest Law Firms’ for 2019


Virginia Lawyers Weekly presents its annual survey of “Virginia’s Largest Law Firms.” The survey appears in a magazine inserted in the April 15 edition.


The survey has been compiled every year since 1989 and gives readers a glimpse of the commonwealth’s largest firms.

We identify the largest firms in the state, and the rankings are based on the number of Virginia-licensed at­torneys working in an office located in Virginia. If a firm has multiple offices within the state, all those lawyers who have a Virginia ticket count. Any law­yers resident in D.C. or some other city will not count.

This winter, using email, follow-up telephone calls and website research, we put together current information from all the firms that appeared in the 2018 survey. Many firms responded with their 2019 data.

All qualifying law firms in the survey were provided a basic listing in this booklet. A number of law firms took the opportunity to purchase an enhanced listing in the survey booklet, adding information such as firm logo, firm website address, clients, firm contacts and areas of practice.

In compiling the 2019 survey of “Virginia’s Largest Law Firms,” we have made every effort to provide complete and accurate information.

If we have inadvertently left out a firm, or if the information listed is not correct, please contact:

Paul Fletcher
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Virginia Lawyers Weekly
411 East Franklin Street, Suite 505
Richmond, VA 23219

(800) 456-5297


We will begin gathering data for the 2020 edition of the survey next February.

Paul Fletcher