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‘Alt-right’ group founder may be nixed from rally lawsuit

CHARLOTTESVILLE (AP) The millionaire founder of an “alt-right” think tank may be dismissed as a defendant in a lawsuit related to a deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

Judge Richard E. Moore heard arguments June 18 about whether to dismiss William Regnery II, The Daily Progress reported.

Regnery is the publisher of a far-right website and founder of the National Policy Institute led by white nationalist Richard Spencer. Spencer helped organize the 2017 rally that killed a woman and injured several people, including two sisters who later sued more than a dozen people connected to the rally.

Plaintiff attorney David Dickens says Regnery should have known violence was planned for the rally as articles encouraging violence were published on his website. Regnery’s attorney says his client was not involved in the rally’s planning.

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