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More than 100 animals seized from roadside zoo

WINCHESTER (AP) More than 100 animals, including water buffalo, tigers and lions, have been seized from a roadside zoo in Virginia with a history of complaints.

The Virginia attorney general’s office said it joined with state and local authorities to carry out the seizures Aug. 15 and 16 to investigate animal cruelty allegations at Wilson’s Wild Animal Park in Winchester.

A search warrant shows nearly 120 animals were seized, including parrots, six camels, 36 goats and two Capuchin monkeys.

Michael Kelly, spokesman for Attorney General Mark Herring, said animal-control and animal-rescue organizations are caring for the animals pending an Aug. 29 court hearing.

Federal inspectors have cited the zoo multiple times for violations.

The zoo’s website says it is closed until further notice. A zoo spokeswoman did not immediately return messages.

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