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Slain officer’s daughter asks Assembly to end executions

(AP) The daughter of a sheriff’s official whose killer was executed appeared before lawmakers urging them to end the state’s death penalty.

Rachel Sutphin spoke Nov. 21 at an event arranged by Virginians For Alternatives to the Death Penalty, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. Rachel was 9 in 2006, when her father, Montgomery County Cpl. Eric Sutphin, was shot to death along with a hospital guard by William Morva.

Sutphin said Morva’s execution more than a decade later brought her no solace. She called the death penalty ineffective and outdated.

The group’s director, Michael Stone, said Sutphin is one of 13 survivors of murder victims endorsing a letter asking lawmakers to end the death penalty. He said there are potential sponsors for an abolition bill in the upcoming General Assembly session.

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