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Allstate balks at settlement conference, negotiations – $62,000 verdict

This case was ordered to a settlement conference by the state court. Allstate refused to send an insurance company representative to the settlement conference; they sent only their lawyer, but refused to give their lawyer any authority. As such, he came to the settlement conference with $14,226.00 of authority and could not get any more from Allstate.

After the settlement conference, counsel for the plaintiff approached Allstate on several occasions trying to reopen negotiations. Each effort was rebuffed by Allstate. Despite putting their insured at risk for an excess judgment and resisting settlement efforts up to and including the trial date, Allstate refused to negotiate or make any sort of reasonable effort to get the case settled.


Type of action: Personal Injury

Injuries alleged: Concussion, closed-head injury, cervical strain, left shoulder sprain, right wrist pain, and PTSD

Name of case: Melissa Martin v. Vivian Bennett

Court: Newport News Circuit Court

Case no.: CL1703734M-03

Tried before: Jury

Name of judge: Judge Gary A. Mills

Date resolved: Jan. 7, 2020

Special damages: Medical bills of $11,307.00

Demand: $25,000.00

Offer: $14,226.00

Verdict or settlement: Verdict

Amount: $62,000.00

Attorney for plaintiff: Robert J. Haddad, Virginia Beach

Attorneys for defendant: Caswell Richardson, Chesapeake (for the liability carrier, Allstate); Robyn L. Neal, Norfolk (for UIM carrier, Nationwide)

Plaintiff’s experts: Naomi S. Goldblum, Ph.D.

Insurance carrier: Allstate Insurance Company