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Letter: Suffolk lawyer backs NoVa lawyer appealing contempt

Dear Editor:

I write in response to the article “Lawyer jailed for contempt seeks appellate redemption” appellate redemption.” I don’t know Rachel Virk. I don’t practice domestic relations law, nor do I practice in her geographic area. But writing as one who has had a subordinate employee lawyer held in contempt, and subsequently overturned by the Court of Appeals, I wish her the best. If the transcript excerpts in your article are accurate, it seems Ms. Virk was doing exactly what appellate courts are constantly telling trial lawyers to do — seeking clarification of a court’s ruling on the record so a precise objection can be made in the event of appellate review. More importantly, it seems she was doing what the Rules of Professional Conduct require her to do- zealously advocating for her client in a respectful, professional manner. When she prevails on appeal, I hope your headline extols her vindication, not redemption. She needs no redemption in this lawyer’s opinion.

Jim Grandfield
Suffolk, VA