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020-2-201 – Gibbs v. Haynes Investments LLC

Gibbs v. Haynes Investments LLC, Appeal No. 19-1434, July 21, 2020. 4th Cir. (Agee), from EDVA at Richmond (Lauck). David N. Anthony, Timothy St. George, Richard L. Scheff and David F. Herman for Appellants. Kristi C. Kelly, Andrew J. Guzzo, Matthew W.H. Wessler, Leonard A. Bennett, Craig C. Marchiando, Elizabeth W. Hanes and Anna C. Haac for Appellees. Patrick O. Daugherty and Frances B. Morris for Amicus Curiae. Bruce Stern and Jeffrey R. White for Amicus Curiae. VLW 020-2-201. 24 pp.

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VLW 020-2-201