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Passenger lost part of colon after suffering hematoma from wreck — $533.094.55 settlement

Type of action: Auto accident

Injuries alleged: Hemicolectomy (remove part of colon and attach to small intestines)

Court: Richmond Circuit Court

Special damages: Medical bills: $47,531.70; lost wages: $11,500.00

Verdict or settlement: Settlement

Amount: $533,094.55

Attorney(s) for plaintiff (and city): Demetry Pikrallidas, Fairfax

Plaintiff’s experts: Dr. Ramin Farboudmanesch

Description of Case: Plaintiff, a 23-year-old IT consultant, was injured when riding as a passenger in a vehicle, operated by her fiancée, when a crash occurred at an intersection in Fairfax County. The vehicle plaintiff was in spun 360 degrees and suffered substantial damage. Plaintiff argued negligence by both drivers.

Immediately following the accident, the plaintiff did not experience any pain, but as a precaution, was transported to INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital Emergency Department, where she was diagnosed with chest wall contusion, midline thoracic back pain and abdominal contusion. She was discharged and continued to have worsening abdominal pain, so she returned to the emergency room the next day. There, she underwent a CT scan which showed a large hematoma. The hematoma was pushing on her colon; she was monitored for three days and discharged.

Three days after discharge, she developed worsening abdominal pain, as well as, dizziness and light-headedness. She returned to the emergency room where a repeated CT scan showed the hematoma was compressing the right side of her colon. The hospital performed a right hemicolectomy with stapled side-side functional end-to-end ileocolic anastomosis. The plaintiff ended up having the surgeon take out the right side of her colon and re-attaching it to her small intestine. After a three-day hospital stay, she was discharged to home in stable condition.

The plaintiff followed up with her gastroenterologist, Dr. Ramin Farboudmanesch, who provided an opinion that as a result of the surgery, the plaintiff would continue to have episodes of abdominal bloating and diarrhea, followed by constipation. She also developed a level of anxiety and fear of driving. The plaintiff was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, and she will require continuous follow-up and monitoring with her gastroenterologist.

Suit was filed in Richmond Circuit Court, naming both defendants. The matter settled prior to trial for $533,094.55