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Courthouse march protests fatal shooting of man by trooper

GOOCHLAND (AP) Protestors marched to the Goochland County courthouse Jan. 22 to demand the release by Virginia State Police and local authorities of bodycam footage of the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old.

The marchers went to the courthouse, which houses the Goochland County commonwealth’s attorney’s office, news outlets reported. The circuit court closed at noon in advance of the march and said it would reopen the following Monday.

Authorities have declined to release the video footage publicly, but the family of Xzavier D. Hill of Charlottesville says it has seen the video.

According to Virginia State Police, Xzavier D. Hill of Charlottesville was shot and killed on Jan. 9 after a chase that led to a crash on Interstate 64. According to state police, Hill displayed a firearm at the scene of the crash.

The march led officials in the Goochland Schools to delay dismissal of classes from Goochland Elementary, Goochland Middle and Goochland High School. Assistant Superintendent Andrew R. Armstrong said the delay was to keep school buses off the roads while people were marching in the vicinity of the three schools. Armstrong said there were no threats to students or staff.

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