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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers – Employment Law: David Paxton

paxton_davidDavid Paxton
Gentry Locke


BA, Hampden-Sydney College
JD, University of Virginia

Best known for:

Complex business and civil rights litigation often involving employment issues

Signature case or representation:

Defense of Rolling Stone and author in the defamation case brought by Nicole Eramo, UVa’s assistant dean. The case was tried to a jury in federal court in October-November, 2016.

Other important cases:

US v Morrison, a civil rights case decided by the US Supreme Court which overturned portion of VAWA

Beasley v Consol Engery, a plaintiff’s employment case involving claims of wrongful discharge, malicious prosecution, etc., resolved by settlement

Comm. v Patterson – represented Cracker Barrel in responding to extortion threats of $500,000 made when a mother and son falsely claimed the restaurant had served a mouse in their soup, which resulted in criminal conviction by jury.

Working with clients:

Collaborative and practical. Making sure to understand the client’s short term and long term goals, and then lay out options to address those whenever possible.

Best career advice:

Go to work where you trust and like the owners, and work hard.

Outlook for 2021:

There will many more state court lawsuits filed by employees and their attorneys based on the new laws passed by the General Assembly in the last two sessions. Employers need to understand that they are operating under a whole new set of requirements that are part of a “New Virginia” and the days of the “Old Dominion” are fading fast in the rear-view mirror.