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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers – Workers’ Comp Law: Casey M. Ariail

ariail_caseyCasey M. Ariail
River Run Law Group, PLLC


BA, Hampden-Sydney College
JD, University of Richmond School of Law

Best known for:

Workers’ compensation and personal injury

Most satisfying:

I really enjoy dealing with people. Most people I represent are dealing with the absolute worst times of their lives. Even so, I have lots of admiration for the way most of my clients handle these times. It takes a lot of grit and determination to get through these things and I learn a lot from my clients throughout my representation.

Dealing with clients:

I never blow smoke. I treat all of my clients as peers who are tough enough to be told the good, bad and ugly about their case. Being frank and straightforward is always appreciated by my clients and always works out in the long run.

Best career advice:

It takes decades to build a reputation and only seconds to lose it. I try to live by this every day. No case, motion, or issue is worth putting my reputation on the line. Anytime I have an emotional response I try to let it go for a while and revisit when cooler heads can prevail.

Looking ahead:

By far the biggest development is going to be the way the courts treat the new Covid-19 presumptions for first responders and health care workers. These folks have been on the front lines all year, with no ability to work from home. The General Assembly recognized these efforts by extending comp benefits to cover Covid-19 exposure, however, it remains to be seen how far these benefits will go.