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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers – Workers’ Comp Law: Douglas K.W. Landau

landau_dougDouglas K.W. Landau


Boston University
Graduate studies, Sargent College of Allied Health Sciences

University of Miami School of Law

Best known for:

Crazy, unusual multistate cases, often involving airport, airline, out of state and foreign, circus workers and athletes. Many of our clients have permanent injury workers’ compensation claims, third party negligence personal injury cases and/or Social Security disability claims.

Signature case:

  • First COVID virtual WebX mediation in the commonwealth.
  • Redding vs. Dynelectric, occupational disease for Tysons Corner worker with asthma.
  • Elliot vs. Cross Country Construction, Orange, Virginia “suicide by police” workers’ comp award of death benefits.
  • Cruz vs. Colonial Concrete, Spotsylvania jury verdict and workers’ comp award (“apparent agency”) and Social Security disability benefits for non-citizen’s dominant arm de-gloving injury, whose Social Security card was stamped “not eligible for federal benefits.”
  • Dean vs. Atlantic Research, “Star Wars program” worker’s berryliosis Virginia workers’ comp and Florida federal disability benefits case, ultimately resulting in lifetime payments and an equal access to justice award of attorneys’ fees at the 11th Circuit.
  • Santer vs. Feld Productions, Australian national skating champion’s career-ending injury in France as star of Disney on Ice “High School Musical,” litigation in Florida and ultimate settlement of Virginia workers’ comp claim, after which he became a solicitor (lawyer) in his home country.

Most satisfying:

The ability to help clients & their families, sometimes in their most desperate circumstances; teach and mentor others; protect children for unnecessary brain injury.

  • CLE Instructor & Author for: VWC, VTLA, TLA-DC, MD AAJ, and on the national podium for the American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA), PLI, DRI, NBI, etc.
  • Civics & Constitutional Law Volunteer Teacher, Rachel Carson Middle School (5 time Finalist, 2 time National Champion in the “We the People” competitions)
  • VTLA Law Foundation, “Lids on Kids” brain injury and skull fracture prevention program, providing education and free bike helmets for Title 1 Elementary Schools’ students, as well as bicycles during the COVID Pandemic.

Working with clients:

Because actions speak louder than words & seeing is believing, with our unique “open book policy,” we make them come to court to see us “in action” so that they know where to park, wait & sit.

Best career advice:

It’s OK to say “no,” as you can help some of the people some of the time, but you cannot help all the people all of the time. Value your time, compartmentalize and find the balance in your life. The “law is a jealous mistress,” so do not let her take over, as your physical, mental & family health are just as important. Avoid cowardice, ignorance and dishonor. A lawyer’s biggest asset is his/her reputation.

Looking ahead:

Paperless files, more lawyers copying me & trying cases with laptops, extra screens & models.