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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers – Workers’ Comp Law: Lauren Carroll

carroll_laurenLauren Carroll

Commonwealth Law Group


BA,  James Madison University
JD, University of Richmond School of Law

Best known for:

I exclusively represent claimants who have been injured at work in litigating claims for workers’ compensation.

Signature case:

I represent a 21-year-old brain-injured client who was injured in his employer’s parking lot after his shift helping a co-worker with his broken down vehicle. Because the injury occurred on the employer’s premises, but after work hours, and occurred after the claimant assisted a coworker with a broken down vehicle, the claim was denied by the carrier as not arising out of or in the course of employment. The case is representative of litigating significant compensability issues for seriously injured claimants.

Most satisfying:

The most satisfying part of my practice is working together with my clients through the case. I am a relentless communicator, because I find the most important tool in representing my clients is to talk with them so that I understand their concerns and can develop a mutual understanding about the goals of the representation.

Working with clients:

I try to put myself in my client’s shoes. My clients are frequently going through very difficult physical and economic limitations. My job is to help them with their legal issues, but sometimes they just need to know they have support. I find that when clients seem angry and frustrated, it is often just as important to be a friend as it is to be a lawyer.

Best career advice:

The best advice is to be yourself and follow your instincts. This requires you to evolve as a lawyer and to learn from your failures just as much as your successes in order to develop your instincts. This has allowed me to take on and successfully represent clients whose cases may not have looked like “winners” at first blush.

Looking ahead:

I expect to see insurance companies develop creative ways to challenge the new COVID legislation which affords a presumption of compensability to first responders and health care workers.