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Danville judge issues fines, arrest orders for no-show jurors

DANVILLE (AP) A Virginia judge has issued fines and orders for the arrest of some potential jurors who didn’t show up for the trial of a man charged in a cab driver’s death.

Calling it “a nightmare scenario,” Danville Circuit Court Judge James Reynolds fined two no-shows $50 and issued a capias for the arrest of two others who didn’t show last week or appear Aug. 23 to explain why, the Danville Register & Bee reported.

On Aug. 16, an outraged Reynolds continued the murder trial for James Edward Fultz IV, the man charged with first-degree murder in the death of cab driver Wendy Harris, because the jury pool was too small. Thirty-five potential jurors were needed, but only about 25 had arrived by 9 a.m.

Reynolds pointed out Monday that one potential juror showed despite her father’s recent death. She was excused.

One potential juror told Reynolds she got her days mixed up. Another told Reynolds she had a doctor’s appointment that day and the judge said she would be excused if she had a doctor’s note.

A new trial date for Fultz has been set for December.

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