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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers – Elder Law: Andrea Morisi

Andrea Morisi
Farrell & Croft, PC


B.S. Boston College
J.D. George Washington University Law School
MHSA George Washington University

What services within elder law are you best known for?

Guardianship and conservatorship cases and serving as Guardian ad Litem

What do you find most satisfying about law practice?

Most lawyers say they joined the profession to help people and that describes me as well, but what really makes my practice satisfying is to know people not only get high quality legal services, but that they understand the services, whether it’s a complex estate plan or being appointed guardian of their disabled parent.

Describe your approach to advising clients.

What I am best known for is my educational style of lawyering. Most clients do not encounter the legal system even once in their life and when they have to, they worry about expectations. I try to explain the entire process of the guardianship case in plain language from start to finish, from why we are there, what we need to accomplish to what will be the outcome and their responsibilities when they leave the courthouse.

What developments or changes in elder law do you expect to see in the coming year?

Two very significant societal trends are now intersecting: Baby boomers are living longer and a tremendous amount of wealth is being held by individuals. Pensions administered by the employer or a fiduciary used to provide quality of life for older adults. Pensions are becoming a thing of the past, replaced by older adults having Individual Retirement Accounts and other investment accounts with significant wealth. As the mental acuity of older adults declines, they become perfect prey for abuse. I expect to see trends in physical, mental and financial abuse increase.