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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers – Elder Law: Kimberly A. Pinchbeck

Kimberly A. Pinchbeck
Law Offices of Kimberly Pinchbeck


B.A., J.D. and M.B.A., University of Richmond

What services within elder law are you best known for?

Long-term care planning needs

Please describe a signature case or representation.

Our first longterm care client who was desperate to figure out how she could continue paying for her husband’s care in a long-term care facility. She’d spent everything they had saved — they had less than $30 in the bank and she had sold her wedding ring.

Most satisfying aspect of practice: Helping people plan in advance through estate planning, helping them navigate loss by lessening the administrative burden of probate, and helping ensure their long-term care needs are met and loved ones are protected.

Describe your approach to advising clients.

There is no “cookie cutter” approach.

What is the best career advice you’ve received?

Never stop learning.

What developments or changes in elder law do you expect to see in the coming year?

Many federal and state policy modifications aimed at avoiding or deferring actions that would operate to terminate or reduce benefits for Medicaid and SSI recipients are scheduled to end. We will assist our clients in managing any possible fallout.