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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers – Medical Malpractice: Stephanie Grana

Stephanie Grana
Partner, Breit Cantor Grana & Buckner


JD, University of Richmond
BA, University of Richmond

Best known for:

I wouldn’t say I specialize in any specific area within medical malpractice. In fact, I have handled a wide range of medical cases (cancer misdiagnosis, birth injury, BPI, brain injury, ED, orthopedic, ophthalmology, GYN, dermatology, medication errors, system failures, etc.) and also handle catastrophic injury and sexual assault cases in my general practice. What I am most known for within medical malpractice is my preparation, attention to detail and ability to locate qualified experts in any area of medicine.

Signature case/representation:

It is hard to pick one case because there are so many clients, now “friends,” that I will never forget from the past 28 years, but Will’s case is one that continues to bring me joy. Will’s parents came to me when he was almost 7 years-old wanting to file a medical malpractice suit against the hospital and doctor for a birth injury due to unrecognized fetal distress. They just felt that something wasn’t right. It was a difficult case to prove compounded by the time that had passed, but their son had very real injuries resulting in developmental delays that required special schooling, therapy, and care. In September 2014, a jury found in our favor for $5.5 million, plus interest against the obstetrician. To this day, I receive notes and pictures from the family updating me on how Will is thriving. Much of his success is the result of the additional money they received to provide for the extra support he has needed. There is a special place in my heart for Will and for his family.

Satisfying aspect of practice:

I love helping people – it’s that simple. I get to do what I am really good at and my clients can focus on their healing. I can’t repair the injuries or bring someone back to their family, but I know I can help with their future. That realization makes all the long hours, hard work, and the time away from my family worth it to me.

Working with clients:

My approach with clients is to keep them as informed as they need to be. The client’s job is to focus on healing knowing that I’m handling the legal side of things.


The best advice I ever received was from my mentor, Attorney Ed Taylor. He taught me that the key to medical malpractice cases was to know the medicine. Don’t rely on the experts alone, you have to understand the medicine yourself so that you can explain it to the jury.


I believe the court system will forever be changed by the integration of Zoom and similar technologies that bring video into the courtroom. This acceptance opens the door to access the very best experts at a much lower cost – a win-win for clients.