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Virginia’s Go To Lawyers for Business Law 2022 — Rob Powers

Rob Powers
Attorney, McClanahan Powers
Falls Church

Your specialty:

I primarily serve as outside general counsel to a variety of businesses located throughout the country, counseling these businesses on IP rights (copyright and trademark), corporate compliance, employment regulations, data privacy, and litigation matters.

Signature case or transaction:

I served as defense counsel in a landmark trademark case, Interprofession du Gruyere, et al. v. International Dairy Foods, in which I obtained a successful motion for summary judgment. The case is currently on appeal in the 4th Circuit.

Outlook for 2022:

More judicial interpretation, specifically from the state Supreme Court, on the pro-employee related statutes passed during COVID. I also expect to see changes to employment policies and the application of the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act.

Working with clients:

Client communication is one of the cornerstones of our practice. The best feedback I’ve ever received from a client was gratitude for simplifying and translating complex legal matters in way that the average person could understand them.


Take risks, which we did in 2011 when we started the firm with just myself and another attorney. The second-best advice was to timely confirm receipt of any emails, even if unable to respond substantively at that moment. Simple communication goes a long way.