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Motorcyclist injured after being forced off road — $140,000 settlement

Type of action: Motor vehicle accident

Injuries alleged: Broken collarbone

Date resolved: 7/5/2022

Special damages: Approximately $30,000 in medical bills

Verdict of settlement: Settlement

Amount: $140,000

Attorney for plaintiff (and city): Ryan Quinn, Arlington


Description of case: Plaintiff motorcyclist was operating his vehicle in Arlington when he was forced off the road by defendant’s vehicle, causing him to crash and suffer a broken collarbone, in addition to lesser injuries. Liability was initially denied as the defendant did not make contact with plaintiff’s vehicle, and due to a police report which did not attribute fault to either party. However, after obtaining a favorable eyewitness statement, the defendant entered into settlement negotiations. The parties agreed to a settlement before a lawsuit was filed.

Ryan Quinn, plaintiff’s counsel, provided case information. [022-T-106]