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022-7-541 – English v. Quinn

English v. Quinn, Record No. 0420-22-3, Nov. 29, 2022. CAV (Petty). From the Circuit Court of the City of Roanoke (Carson). Joanna M. Meyer (John E. Lichtenstein; Gregory L. Lyons; Lichtenstein Law Group PLC, on briefs), for appellant. Wm. Tyler Shands (Carter T. Keeney; Carter & Shands, P.C., on brief), for appellee. Amicus Curiae: Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (E. Kyle McNew; Les Bowers; MichieHamlett PLLC, on brief), for appellant. Amicus Curiae: The Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys (Nathan H. Schnetzler; Joseph R. Pope; Goodman Allen Donnelly, PLLC, on brief), for appellee. VLW 022-7-541, 10 pp.

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