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Marketing is vital, but leave it to an assistant

Christopher F. Earley//January 9, 2023

Marketing is vital, but leave it to an assistant

Christopher F. Earley//January 9, 2023

Marketing is what drives the growth of a law firm. To me, it is the single most important function of a practice, because outside of word-of-mouth referrals, typically there are no clients walking through the door without marketing.

But if lawyers are doing the marketing, then the marketing either is not done right or it’s not done at all. That’s because lawyers have a lot going on and frequently are so consumed with handling cases and clients that the marketing can get neglected. When that happens, a law firm’s growth stalls.

In order to avoid that, I believe someone should be hired for, and strictly dedicated to, marketing a law practice. A marketing assistant is that person. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to this vitally important law firm position.

When hiring, I look for young people who genuinely have an interest in and enjoy marketing. College students with high energy and motivation have worked very well for me. Plus, they are on top of what is new and relevant in social media, which is a crucial component to any successful marketing strategy.

As with any position, don’t just hire anyone. Find a few great candidates and then pick the one you believe is the strongest. If things don’t work out, then move on. Always hire slow and fire fast.

For me, the big advantage of having someone dedicated to marketing your practice in-house as opposed to hiring an agency revolves around trust and accountability. A marketing agency gets paid whether or not it delivers, whereas the marketing assistant is motivated not only to make sure the works gets done, but that it gets done right. This to me is so very important.

The marketing assistant should be tasked with a full plate of marketing duties. Blog writing, video creation, social media content, review generation, and pay-per-click campaign management should all be done regularly.

Christopher F. EarleyI highly encourage the creation of a marketing manual and series of checklists for the marketing assistant to follow. This gives the assistant a playbook to follow.

The marketing assistant also should be knowledgeable about tracking basic marketing data (or be willing to learn), because Google Analytics and other key marketing tracking metrics reveal crucial information on whether a given marketing campaign is effective. If you don’t track the marketing, you have no idea if something is working.

This can be a part-time or full-time position, which will depend on your budget and desire for growth, and can be an in-house or virtual position. It’s generally not an expensive position to fill, and the benefits can be massive. Plus, it frees you up to do the work you want to do — and should be doing.

If you have any questions or feedback about this important law firm position, email me at [email protected]. I would love to hear from you.

Christopher F. Earley is an attorney and author who concentrates his practice on the representation of the seriously injured and their families.

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