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VWCC names new Virginia Victims Fund director

Jason Boleman//January 30, 2023

VWCC names new Virginia Victims Fund director

Jason Boleman//January 30, 2023


The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has announced a new director of the Virginia Victims Fund.

The VWC named Shannon Dion as the fund’s new director in a press release earlier this month. Dion joined the fund after previously serving as the director of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

“I am honored to join this great agency as leaders in victims services throughout the Commonwealth for over 45 years,” Dion said via press release. “I look forward to continuing to strengthen our strategic partnerships and building on this incredible legacy which has already contributed so much to our community.”

Dion earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and her law degree from the University of Richmond. She has previously held leadership positions at the Virginia Office of the Attorney General, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Richmond Commonwealth Attorney’s Office.


A division of the VWC, the Virginia Victims Fund — also known as the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund — is a program designed to help victims of violent crime with out-of-pocket expenses including medical bills and funeral expenses.

The fund is “a payor of last resort” and compensates applicants for eligible expenses that will not be compensated from other sources. Money for the fund comes from fines and fees collected from offenders.

New mediators

Earlier this month, the VWC announced that a pair of deputy commissioners are now certified mediators.


Deputy Commissioners John T. Cornett and Josh Wulf were recently certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia as certified mediators. According to a VWC press release, Cornett and Wulf will serve in mediator roles within the commission’s Alternative Dispute Resolution program.

The commission currently has more than 20 certified mediators who conduct mediations every day in nine locations throughout the commonwealth. Per the commission, ADR’s goal “is to provide the workers’ compensation system with an expeditious and efficient alternative to litigation for the resolution of disputes.”

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