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Legislature elects judges in session’s closing days

In the closing days of this year’s session, the General Assembly elected judges for the commonwealth’s circuit courts, general district courts and juvenile and domestic relations courts.

The judges, along with one member of the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission, were elected by the legislature on Feb. 22 with the passing of House Joint Resolution 845.

The newly elected judges are:

Circuit Court

  • Andrew D. Kubovcik, First Judicial Circuit
  • Afshin Farashahi, Second Judicial Circuit
  • Douglas B. Ottinger, Third Judicial Circuit
  • Joseph C. Lindsey, Fourth Judicial Circuit
  • Wallace W. Brittle Jr., Sixth Judicial Circuit
  • Tonya R. Henderson-Stith, Eighth Judicial Circuit
  • Tracy W.J. Thorne-Begland, 13th Judicial Circuit
  • Daniel T.C. Lopez, 17th Judicial Circuit
  • Jeffrey P. Bennett, 24th Judicial Circuit
  • Shannon T. Sherrill, 25th Judicial Circuit
  • Eric R. Thiessen, 28th Judicial Circuit

General District Court

  • Wanda J. Cooper, Second Judicial District
  • Jon M. Babineau Sr., Third Judicial District
  • Robert L. Foley, Fourth Judicial District
  • Erikka M. Massie, Fourth Judicial District
  • Wade A. Bowie, Ninth Judicial District
  • Victoria N. Pearson, 13th Judicial District
  • Nicole L. Fox, 14th Judicial District
  • Cari M. Steele, 17th Judicial District

Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

  • David L. Jones, First Judicial District
  • Michael A. Beverly, Fourth Judicial District
  • Robert J. Fierro Jr., Sixth Judicial District
  • Richard G. Collins Jr., Ninth Judicial District
  • Matthew R. Kite, Ninth Judicial District
  • Adam H. Moseley, 23rd Judicial District
  • Eugene N. Butler, 24th Judicial District

Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission

  • Gino W. Williams

The circuit court judges were elected to terms of eight years beginning at various times, with the majority scheduled to be seated on their respective courts this summer.

The newly elected general district court and juvenile and domestic relations court judges will serve terms of six years, again beginning at various times throughout the next year.

Williams’ four-year term as a member of the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission will begin on July 1. He is also currently the chief judge of the Wythe General District Court.

The Feb. 23 election completed a process that is near-unique to the commonwealth. Virginia is one of just two states, along with South Carolina, where the state legislature elects judges.