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Attorney arrested on credit card fraud charges

An Arlington attorney was arrested last month for alleged credit card fraud and theft.

According to a press release from the Alexandria Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, Patrick Lynn Edwards was arrested on Feb. 15 and charged with felony credit card theft and felony and misdemeanor credit card fraud. Per the release, the charges stemmed from the alleged theft of the credit cards from an Alexandria office building in 2022 and the subsequent alleged use of the cards in Alexandria and Arlington.

At the same time, Edwards was arrested upon warrants from Arlington County, charging him with felony grand larceny with the intent to sell and felony possession of stolen property, as well as one count of felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute.

According to the press release, the total maximum penalty of all charges is 95 years and 12 months of incarceration.

A preliminary hearing is set for April 19 on the Arlington charges, while no trial date has been set for the charges in Alexandria.

“All persons charged with a criminal offense are presumed to be innocent. The fact that a person has been charged with an offense is not evidence that he is guilty and the Commonwealth bears the burden of proving each element of every charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt,” the Alexandria Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney said in a press release.

Edwards’ license to practice law was administratively suspended by the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board in November 2022 for “failing to comply with a subpoena duces tecum issued by the bar.”