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Any error in defendant’s prosecution for aggravated involuntary manslaughter under Code § 18.2-36.1 arising from evidence as to certain blood alcohol tests, and the alleged deprivation of his right to have a particular blood sample independently tested, was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt. Further, the evidence was sufficient to support his conviction, which is affirmed….
Defendant hits couple on way home from Redskins game – $140,000 Settlement
Defendant was returning home from a Washington Redskins game on the Dulles Toll Road when he struck the rear of the plaintiffs’ vehicle at a high rate of speed. The plaintiffs’ vehicle was propelled off the road and rolled over, causing significant property damage. When the Virginia State Police arrived at the scene, the defendant…
Drunken tow truck driver not liable for I-95 death
A driver of Aggressive Towing and Transport Inc. had pulled over to the shoulder of Interstate 95 northbound. A vehicle with a driver and three passengers ran off the highway and into the back of the tow truck. Two passengers died. The tow truck driver pleaded guilty to drunken driving with a blood alcohol content…
Biker loses leg in wreck – $450,000 Settlement
The plaintiff was riding his Harley to the store with his 13-year-old stepdaughter around 11:00 a.m. He observed another vehicle approaching him from a distance. That vehicle was intending to turn left in front of him but instead turned right into him. The impact caused the man to lose the lower half of his leg….
Negligence – Negligence Per Se – Contributory Negligence – Va. Law
Where the Supreme Court of Virginia answered a certified question from the 4th Circuit by holding that a defendant in this premises liability case could assert the defense of contributory negligence against plaintiff’s claim of negligence per se arising from defendant’s building code violations on the height of a balcony railing, the 4th Circuit affirms…
Negligence – Single-Car Accident – Negligent Entrustment
An Arlington Circuit Court says plaintiff passenger has failed to state a claim for negligent entrustment based on defendants’ alleged knowledge that the driver of the car that wrecked was an inexperienced driver on a restricted driver’s license, who was known to speed and race her Mustang and had a prior wreck and citation for…
Negligence – Automobile Accident – Knee
Automobile Accident – Knee…
No TC err:arrest valid because it occurred at scene w/in 19.2-81…
Injured family demanded personal contribution from drunken driver – $575,000 Settlement
The plaintiff family was proceeding on Lee Highway when they were involved in a head-on crash caused by a drunken driver who ran a red traffic signal on Blake Lane. The defendant was reported to have a high blood alcohol level. The husband, wife and 4-year-old child consolidated for trial. The insurer offered to settle…
WEBB v. RIVERS (59772)
WEBB v. RIVERS November 6, 1998 Record No. 980014 SIDNEY M. WEBB v. JASON W. RIVERS Randall G. Johnson, Judge Present: All the Justices FROM THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE CITY OF RICHMOND OPINION BY JUSTICE LEROY R. HASSELL, SR. In this appeal, we consider whether the trial court erred in striking the plaintiff’s…

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