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Virginia Lawyers Media delivers.

  • We deliver essential tools for attorneys across the state.
  • We deliver a targeted, focused audience.
  • We let you reach your best customers every week.
  • We position you in front of influential opinion leaders and high-end consumers.

Who are Virginia Lawyers Weekly readers?

  • They are the key decision makers. 65% are partners or principals in a private firm or solo office, according to readership studies.
  • They are in their prime earning years: Average age is 53.
  • They are experienced: 65% have been in practice 20 years or more.
  • They are sought-after consumers with an average net worth of over $1 million and an average household income of $220,000.
  • They rely on Virginia Lawyers Media for information about their profession. 73% of our readers spend half an hour or more with our paper every week. Each copy is seen by more than one person.

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