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IOLTA Web Poll

In 1995, the General Assembly put an end to mandatory IOLTA for Virginia lawyers. Sixteen years later, supporters of legal services for the poor, including the Virginia Bar Association, are launching a push to revive mandatory Interest on Lawyers’ Trust ...

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Hardick v. John Crane Inc. (access required)

Type of Case: Product liability Court: Newport News Circuit Court Attorneys: Robert R. Hatten, Newport News Summary: The widow of Robert E. Hardick alleged he contracted mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos when he fabricated and removed asbestos gaskets as a ...

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Randy D. Webb v. Garcia Family Inc. (access required)

Type of Case: Premises liability Court: Richmond Circuit Court Attorneys: H. Aubrey Ford and Irvin V. Cantor, Richmond Summary: A 4-pound ornamental bell fell two feet from a metal stand and struck plaintiff, a patron at a Mexican restaurant, on ...

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Luck v. Boyd Corporation (access required)

Type of Case: Trespass, nuisance Court: Chesterfield County Circuit Court Attorneys: Scott Oostdyk and Lisa Sharp, Richmond Summary: A Chesterfield County couple contended Boyd Corporation had caused excessive water, nutrients and sediments to flow onto their property during construction of ...

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Seaman Doe v. Maersk Line Ltd. (access required)

Type of Case: Failure to provide maintenance and cure due a seaman under maritime law Court: Portsmouth Circuit Court Attorneys: James L. Chapman IV and Steve Stancliff, Norfolk Summary: A steward on a tanker under contract with the Military Sealift ...

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Charles E. Titus v. Joseph A. Backer MD (access required)

Type of Case: Medical malpractice Court: Arlington County Circuit Court Attorneys: Thomas G. Smith and Michael J. Shevlin, Fairfax Summary: The 70-year-old plaintiff had a history of melanoma and his dermatologist ordered periodic CT scans of the chest to detect ...

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