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Oliver Hill: Civil rights attorney (access required)

When Oliver W. Hill Sr. graduated from the Howard University law school in 1933, racial segregation was so entrenched that no one thought seriously of tackling it head on. But Charles H. Houston, the dean of the law school, had ...

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Driver immunity no bar to UM coverage (access required)

A plaintiff can collect under the uninsured motorist provisions of his automobile liability policy even though the defendant ambulance driver has partial immunity from suit. Fairfax Circuit Judge Arthur B. Vieregg reached that conclusion last month in one of the ...

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Henrico judge finds fees unconstitutional (access required)

A Henrico County General District judge has ruled that the civil remedial fees for traffic misdemeanors and felonies violate the equal protection clauses of the Virginia and United States Constitutions. The fees, designed to produce about $65 million annually for ...

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The limits on a revocable trust (access required)

The distinction between outright ownership and control of a revocable trust by the person who is settlor, trustee and sole beneficiary seldom makes a difference. But Loudoun County Circuit Judge James H. Chamblin concluded that it can in the case ...

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No benefits after VCU prof's affair (access required)

A former Virginia Commonwealth University professor and a student had different accounts of the nature of their sexual relationship. The student contended that Dr. Peng W. Hsia, an associate professor of biomedical engineering, had forced himself upon her in his ...

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State to replace ?dated' Intoxilyzers (access required)

Budget documents from the Virginia Department of Forensic Science describe the instruments that measure the level of intoxication content as “dated, unstable and unreliable.” Peter M. Marone, director of the department, says a more accurate description of the Intoxilyzer 5000 ...

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