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How to Choose a staffing firm (access required)

(Dolan Media Newswires) According to the American Staffing Association, the top three reasons companies use a staffing firm are to fill a temporary vacancy, provide extra support during busy seasons and staff special short-term projects. Staffing firms can do all ...

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How to … choose office furniture (access required)

Furniture can have a major effect on how employees feel about the company they work for and their position there. It can also affect their job performance and health. For instance, an employee who sits in a non-adjustable chair at ...

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How to … Lease the right office space (access required)

Looking for new office space for your firm? The process of leasing space for most businesses begins with choosing a commercial real estate broker. “A good broker can advise you properly,” said Steve Woods, director of leasing and acquisition for ...

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How to … Choose a private banker (access required)

Managing a small fortune can be an enormous job. A private bank can assist you with your banking and investing needs, giving you expert advice along with excellent one-on-one service. Many banks have private banking de-partments to meet the specific ...

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Is a student government a public body? (access required)

In May the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council issued an opinion regarding student government at George Mason University. Repeating an Attorney General’s Opinion from 1984, the opinion said that the student senate is a public body because it is ...

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