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Urgent care centers hold tight to niche for fast, efficient care


In the 1970s, enterprising physicians began opening their practices after-hours to patients suffering minor ailments without an appointment. Patients avoided expensive emergency rooms, and they didn’t have to endure long waits to see their family doctors. The idea stuck. Shifting ...

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Using your client’s authenticity in mediation (access required)


It’s relatively easy to recall your tri­al victories when the jury identified with your client. They’re probably some of your best results. How did that happen? On a superficial level, there is a signif­icant body of evidence showing that ju­rors ...

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BridgeTower Media acquires Color Magazine (access required)

BridgeTower Media, a leading provider of local and regional business information, events and marketing services, has announced the acquisition of Color Magazine, a premiere publication focused on publishing and events for diverse business professionals. Based in Boston, Color Magazine was ...

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Spring cleaning: more than dust bunnies (access required)


As the weather indicates, spring is not too far around the corner. And during spring, you can’t escape those killer dust bunnies. They lurk in corners, growing larger and more ominous with time. And eventually, no matter how frightening, you ...

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Building a diverse workforce about more than just hiring (access required)


As businesses become more globalized, workplace diversity has become an imperative. Whether it’s a regional law firm or a multinational company, workers and clients alike want to do business with and work for an organization that reflects a range of ...

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Gun-carrying Virginia ex-con loses appeal for Maryland permit (access required)


Although a Virginia ex-con had his gun rights restored in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Maryland did not violate the U.S. Constitution by denying a gun permit to the applicant, who is now a security officer under contract with the Department ...

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(Key)Stroke of genius (access required)


It all started with the pesky section symbol. About a year ago Brian Potts, a lawyer then working at Foley & Lardner in Madison, Wisconsin, found himself getting frustrated when he would regularly have to pause in the middle of writing ...

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A second opinion can be helpful … or not (access required)


As you approach mediation, one of the things that you might do to figure out what your case is worth is get a second opinion. That’s a good idea. Two heads are better than one. Given the wide variety of ...

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Set the stage now for business development success later this year (access required)


Now that the new year is under way, there is no time like the present for lawyers to begin their 2017 business development efforts. Whether you commit to a formal personal marketing plan or not, there are a few activities ...

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