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10 steps for preparing for an appellate argument (access required)


Once an appeal has been fully briefed and the oral argument has been scheduled, it is time to get ready for the argument. Thorough preparation for the argu­ment should go far beyond just re-reading the briefs and making an outline. ...

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Lawyer must testify about how she got documents (access required)


An unnamed criminal defense at­torney and her investigator will have to answer federal prosecu­tors’ questions about how they came into possession of allegedly fraudulent documents that were in­troduced as evidence at their cli­ent’s trial. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of ...

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Rebel without a case (access required)

After a two-year, $10 million reno­vation, the York County Courthouse in York, South Carolina, reopened earlier this year to a mostly warm reception. It featured refurbished wood floors, cathe­dral-style ceilings, and elevators. What it did not feature is the Con­federate ...

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Fore play on the fairway (access required)

Two amorous young folks have found themselves in the legal rough after they were allegedly caught having sex on a golf course in Tega Cay. Dakota Payne, 19, and Kiernan Hen­nessey, 24, were found lying on the fair­way of the ...

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Feds can no longer seize ‘untainted’ assets pre-trial (access required)


Criminal defendants in the feder­al courts covered by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals may have an easier time coming up with the funds to pay for their defense attor­neys from now on. On Aug. 18 the full 4th ...

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Dealing with difficult clients (access required)


I have heard several lawyers break the ice with an audience of other lawyers by joking that they love their jobs — except for their clients. This joke often elicits a quick laugh be­cause almost every lawyer can identify with ...

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Lawyers look ahead and say change is good (access required)

According to a recent study con­ducted by Altman Weil, “Law Firms in Transition 2017,” 72 percent of responding firms believe that change in the legal industry will continue to take place at a rapid rate, compared to 2012 when only ...

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To retreat or not to retreat? (access required)


Once a year or so, it’s a great idea to “market” to your own staff and members by holding a firm or de­partment retreat. This is not a party or family picnic. Rather, retreats combine formal and in­formal working sessions ...

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Lawyers and social media in 2017, by the numbers (access required)


Until recently, lawyers have been reticent to use social media, insist­ing that it was a passing fad. How­ever, because social media has increasingly cropped up as import­ant evidence in cases, lawyers’ at­titudes have begun to change, as they realize that ...

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After Microsoft buy, LinkedIn makes bid for B2B advertising (access required)


LinkedIn was acquired by Micro­soft recently, and it’s been busy at work improving the service. The company launched an updat­ed site in late January. But what most people don’t know is that this wasn’t just an everyday, cosmetic touch-up. This ...

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