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THE VIRTUAL ESTATE: Helping clients take stock of digital assets (access required)


When counseling individuals and families to plan the orderly disposition of their assets at death, in the past lawyers thought of tangible items that have monetary or sentimental value: real estate, cash, a home library, artwork or a box of ...

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The Aging Lawyer: How to Redefine a Life in the Law (access required)


As lawyers, we can choose to be “lawyers for life,” absent ma­jor medical conditions affecting judgment and mobility. Those of us in private practice can prac­tice law as long as we choose. At what stage should we begin to redefine ...

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Year-end tax planning with an eye to Trump’s proposals (access required)


It is that time of year again when we brave the holiday crowds, throw out our backs shoveling snow, and … sharpen our pencils to do some fun year-end tax planning.  While this should be done throughout the year, many ...

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Technology: prioritize in money and time (access required)


Google the word “technology” and in less than one second you’ll get almost 3 billion — yes, that’s right, billion — results. Love it or hate it, technology is not only here to stay, but also here to have an ...

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Don’t forget the tax man (access required)


In virtually every transaction an American undertakes, there is a silent partner, namely the Inter­nal Revenue Service, and often a state revenue department too. That “partner” frequently can end up claiming up to half the deal. Though it is easy ...

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Making new traditions can ease holiday changes (access required)


Where and how children spend the holidays can be a contentious issue in a divorce, but family law practitioners recommend emphasizing a focus on what’s best for the children and the creation of new traditions. “Everybody really needs to be ...

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Loans: learn how to negotiate for mutual benefit (access required)


Rapid growth. Disaster recovery. Op­erating considerations. Technology ex­penditures. Those are all reasons that you might need a loan in the business of law. Get­ting a loan involves some groundwork, but if you have a good working relation­ship with your bank, ...

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Dealing with bias in the jury selection process (access required)


After decades of the nation­al Chamber of Commerce, big business and insurance industry propaganda against tort litiga­tion and plaintiffs’ trial attorneys, many jurors have been tainted to one extent or another with an­ti-tort bias. The challenge is that the person ...

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Get to know Generation Z (access required)


[Editor’s Note: Welcome to the next demographic group, Generation Z. These are the people who will be your clients, your employees and the members of your juries.] College admissions offices are already aggressively changing recruiting tactics to appeal to Generation ...

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