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How to create a long, boring meeting (access required)


By Susan Letterman White BridgeTower Media Newswires “It’s pretty nice outside; we could be somewhere else right now” – this statement is what almost everyone in your meeting will be saying if you heed the following advice. Want to have ...

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Maryland judge can’t be sued for ordering defendant shocked (access required)

4tth Circuit Seal FEA

Citing “judicial immunity,” the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the dismissal of a multimillion-dollar civil rights lawsuit against a Maryland circuit court judge who ordered a deputy sheriff to use electrical shock to quiet a criminal defendant. ...

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Top podcasts for lawyers (access required)


Podcasts have been around for decades now, but it was only recently that lawyers really began to take notice of them. The “Serial” podcast’s fame helped expand the reach of podcasts, both among the general public and lawyers. Since then, ...

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Calculating lost profits: an overview (access required)


Commercial damages can occur in breach of contract and business tort cases and result in claims for lost profits or diminished business value. Intellectual property infringement, securities fraud and antitrust cases also can involve such loss claims. This article provides ...

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The microaggression of document redlining (access required)


As a group, lawyers are probably less disturbed by microaggressions than the population at large. We spend most of our days dealing with macroaggressions. We can’t waste too much time sweating the small stuff. That being said, there’s one legal ...

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The many reasons not to choose DIY investing (access required)


By Scott Hansen BridgeTower Media Newswires There is an ever-increasing list of resources for investors seeking advice, including financial advisors or brokers, wealth managers, and estate and financial planners. However, quite a large number of investors feel that self-management of ...

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Money management is a marathon, not a sprint (access required)


By Steve Reynolds BridgeTower Media Newswires As we pass the halfway point of 2018, the stock market has experienced more volatility than we saw for all of 2017. Stock market valuations continue to trade near all-time highs, and volatility, as ...

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