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Branch Offices (access required)

Branch law offices aren’t just for big firms anymore. Lawyers in Southwest Virginia already know that. There, a low population spread over many miles often requires lawyers to rotate between two or more offices to keep a practice viable. The ...

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VSB Can't Force DOC To Bring Inmates (access required)

The Virginia Department of Corrections no longer will transport inmates to Virginia State Bar offices in Richmond for lawyer disciplinary hearings. That decision, and a court hearing challenging it, may test whether the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia ...

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Local government lawyers walk the line (access required)

CHARLOTTESVILLE — Local government lawyers and tightrope walkers have something in common, apparently. While city and county attorneys in Virginia seem to be clear about who their client is, other folks including government employees and elected officials sometimes get the ...

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Three Insurance Carriers Are Seeking VSB's Nod (access required)

Three legal malpractice insurance carriers remain in the running for the Virginia State Bar endorsement. Meanwhile, the VSB’s Lawyer Malpractice Insurance Committee has drafted rules aimed at reducing conflicts of interest involving the current insurer — the American National Lawyers ...

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E.D. Sets Rules For ADR Use (access required)

The federal courts in Virginia’s Eastern District now have a framework in place to resolve cases by alternative dispute resolution. The federal Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1998 required all federal district courts to authorize and encourage the use of ...

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Opening Up VSB Discipline (access required)

Under the watchful eyes of three members of the General Assembly and two newsmen, a Virginia State Bar task force has taken up the question of whether lawyer discipline should be more public. The Task Force on Public Access to ...

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