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Five Carriers Bid For VSB Endorsement (access required)

Five legal malpractice insurers have thrown their names into the hat for consideration as the Virginia State Bar’s endorsed carrier. The five include the company that currently carries the VSB endorsement — the American National Lawyers Insurance Reciprocal (ANLIR). ANLIR’s ...

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The Many Aspects Of Martin Clark (access required)

From the Circuit Court bench in Patrick County, Judge Martin Clark has the opportunity to watch the edge of society from a safe distance. Day after day, they parade before him “deadbeat renters, scofflaws, criminals, thugs, shoplifters and people who ...

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Playing A Part In A Wiretap Not Unethical (access required)

A Virginia lawyer can tape-record his conversations with third parties without their knowledge, or he can direct another to do so under certain circumstances, the Virginia State Bar’s Committee on Legal Ethics has opined. The advisory opinion, LEO 1738, brings ...

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Promises made…and kept (access required)

Five years ago, then-Virginia State Bar President Mike Smith made a promise to critics of the state agency. The VSB would spend down its notoriously fat reserve, he vowed. Frou-frou would be cut from its programs. The agency would focus ...

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